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Neuadd History

The Neuadd (Hall) is the name of our Farmhouse – a style of house that centres on a large halled living area and fireplace. The Neuadd was built 450 years ago around the end of the reign of Henry VIII and appears to have been for a wealthy farmer.


There are several original features still in place including a inglenook fireplace, large chimney and oak spiral staircase.

We have an original timber mullioned window in our kitchen which is now internal.  Originally it would have had no glass and interestingly our (now internal)  kitchen window has never been glazed (it must have been boxed up by a previous owner and them re-discovered)

At the top of our spiral staircase (we have two completly separate staircases!) we have the original wooden shutters from Tudor times.

In Georgian times the house was roughly doubled in size by the owner of one of the businesses associated with the limestone quarrys, lime kilns and canal.  This has resulting in a house that is half Tudor and half Georgian.  We love the big windows of the Georgian half and the really old feel of the Tudor half.

Many local people refer to the site as "The Stables" or "The Stables Hotel". It has also been known as The Mountain Hotel and Ty Neuadd. As The Stables from the 1950's to 1990's it was a riding school and hotel (our kitchen was the bar of the hotel). The owners led rides all over the Brecon Beacons. We have guests that used to stay in the hotel and a group of regulars that have been staying each year for 30 years.

The conversion back from a hotel to a private home and the conversion of the barns into holiday cottages took place around 2002. We moved here in early 2012 and love the place, the views, the bird song and the proximity to so many special places. 


Every visitor comments on the fantastic views and terrific location. 

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