Our Approach During the Covid19 Pandemic

We intend to follow or exceed government guidelines. The safety of our guests and our team is paramount.


Below outlines our current approach which we expect to continue in 2022. As the situation changes we will keep our approach under review.  If we make changes in our approach prior to your arrival  we will let you know.


Full refund for Covid Cancellations

​​​If you need to cancel due to a Covid-19 related legally enforceable restriction being placed on your ability to travel here for your booked dates then provided you inform us straightaway (within 48 hours) we will refund 100% of your booking fees.   Please help us by alerting us immediately if you suspect a cancellation may be needed.


Likewise if we are forced to close due to Covid laws then we will fully refund your booking fees.

Please see the detail in our Terms and Conditions.


Electrostatic Disinfection

Where appropriate we use hospital grade, food safe,non toxic,non bio-accumulative disinfection chemicals compliant to EN14476.

Our electrostratic sprayer emits fine dropets with an electrical charge, these envelope objects and magnetically spread to a thin layer rather than just landing or pooling on the front surface. 

Significantly less chemical is used and much better coverage is achieved compared to normal hand sprayers. 

This technology is used by Marriott Hotels (well known for ethical standards).

Pillows And Sheets

Pillows & Mattress Disinfection

Our electrostatic disinfection includes spraying pillows and mattresses prior to fitting fresh sheets and pillow cases.  We haven't encountered any other self catering or hotel providers going to this trouble but we feel it's a worthwhile safety measure (it also enhances safety for our housekeepers).

If you'd like to have pillows and duvets swapped out for stored ones then we able to do this for one cottage at any one time provided it's agreed with us at the time of booking.


HEPA Filters

Our Vaccumn cleaners are HEPA filtered like aircraft ventilation systems.  This prevents virus particles being spread (blown from the exhaust air of the cleaner). 


Deep Clean Protocol & Training

We've completed training in Covid-19 Holiday Let Cleaning Protocols and developed detailed cleaning and disinfection check lists. 

Our Risk Assessment, Cleaning Standards and Checklist are available to guests on request.

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Social Distancing Arrangements on Site

In order to help ensure social distancing we have changed some of the layout of the courtyard area and nominated outside tables and chairs for each cottage (we've had great feedback that guests like this irrespective of Covid measures).  Dogs must be on leads.

Because of the layout of the site we've decided not to allow children between 4 years and 15 years old (there are some exceptions, please see here)

The laundry room is closed to guests.

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Multiple Households

If you plan to share a cottage between multiple households please feel free to book.

However you must verify your party meets Welsh law and Welsh Covid Guidelines before you arrive and you will be deemed to have cancelled if your party does not meet these criteria.

Bear in mind our cancellation and refund policy in our Terms and Conditions.

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Contactless Arrival

You can arrive any time after 5pm and access your cottage using the key locker box.

There is no need to meet and greet.


Guest Charter

To ensure safety for our staff and other guests all guests agree to:

  • Depart by 10.00

  • Strip bedding and place in the supplied laundry bag along with towels (to protect our housekeepers).

  • Observe Welsh Government Covid19 safety guidelines.


Visit Wales "Good to Go" Accreditation

This indicates the accomodation provider is at least aware of the need to document a risk assessment.  Operators submit their risk assessment document and recieve the accreditation in return.

Guidelines are however open to quite wide interpretation.  So if Covid Safety is important to you it's worthwhile seeking detail about the accomodation providers actual approach.

The AA run a similar scheme requiring a bit more detail for which we have also recieved accreditation