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We recognise that some guests may prefer extra measures even in 2022

If you are vunerable or just feel cautious please talk to us before booking and we may be able to schedule the special measures below to help you feel comfortable about your visit.  We make a small additional charge to cover our costs.


Electrostatic Disinfection

We have a professional grade machine that uses hospital grade, food safe,non toxic,non bio-accumulative disinfection chemicals compliant to EN14476.

Our electrostratic sprayer emits fine dropets with an electrical charge, these envelope objects and magnetically spread to a thin layer rather than just landing or pooling on the front surface. 

Significantly less chemical is used and much better coverage is achieved compared to normal hand sprayers. 

This technology is used by Marriott Hotels (well known for ethical standards).

Pillows And Sheets

Pillows & Mattress Disinfection or Swap

Our electrostatic disinfection can include spraying pillows and mattresses prior to fitting fresh sheets and pillow cases.  Or if you'd like to have pillows and duvets swapped out for stored ones then this may be possible.


HEPA Filters

Our Vaccumn cleaners are HEPA filtered like aircraft ventilation systems.  This prevents virus particles being spread (blown from the exhaust air of the cleaner).  This is standard in any case.

key locker.JPG

Contactless Arrival

THis is standard in any case.  You can arrive any time after 4pm and access your cottage using the key locker box. There is no need to meet and greet.

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