Adults & Infants Only.    Groups By Arrangement Only

We aim to offer a quiet vibe at The Neuadd.  We don't accept group bookings for more that two cottages unless we've discussed and agreed the details to ensure there will be no impact on the enjoyment of other guests.  For instance we've had international cycling teams and groups attending weddings or local events where they are not gathering at The Neuadd but are just sleeping here.  Also we've had private events on site where the whole site is booked. 

When we undertook our Covid-19 risk assessment we decided to become Adults and Infants Only.  This was due to the shared courtyard area and the ability to enable a comfortable flow and distancing.  Many people now book specifically because they would like an adult oriented place.  We have decided to make this a long-term policy as it realy suits the venue.   

Our policy is to accept infants (3 years old and younger) and adults (15 years and older).

Sometimes we agree exceptions particularly:

  • Trelawney Cottage has it’s own private terrace and is separated from the courtyard area.If your family feel comfortable just keeping to that area and not using the courtyard area (except to access our meadow path), then it may well be suitable. Let us know and we can discuss.

  • Previous guests with children we know. Many guests visit the Neuadd regularly and we know how their family operate and respect the quiet of the courtyard. So you might occasionally see kids here.