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Local Walks

Pretty walk to Crickhowell:

About 30 minutes each way. Across our field, a short section of quiet lane, along the canal, walk down to Llangattock Church and follow the tarmac path across the Usk Valley to the impressive Crickhowell bridge then climb the short uphill into the town.

In Crickhowell you might try:

  • The Bear Inn: Likely to make it into your 10 ten favourite ever pubs.
  • Cafés and Pubs
  • Shops (including Bakery, Off Licence, Department Store, Butcher, Deli, Bookshop)

On the way back you might stop at the Bridge End Inn and sit in the beer garden overlooking the bridge and the Usk river.

Mountain Walks:

Crickhowell is a hub for mountain walking. To give you a sense of the variety of walks available the annual Crickhowell Walking Festival offers around 80 guided walks over 10 days!
Several mountains are 'do-able' from the door including Sugar Loaf, Table Mountain, Llangattock Mountain and Pen Allt-mawr.

Gentle stroll along the bottom of the tramway:

(About 45 mins round trip) Turn right at the bottom of our field and follow the bridle path up the gentle slope towards Llangattock Mountain. You will be immediately in the countryside, following the route of the old tramway that used to bring stone from the escarpment down to the canal.

Once you reach 'the incline' (the path suddenly changes to about a 45 degree slope!) go over the stile and bear left through the steel gate to avoid the hill. The track will take you out to a quiet tarmac lane. Keep bearing left and you will come back to the bottom of our field.

Up the Tramway and through the Craig y Cilliau National Nature Reserve:

A great half day walk with lots of options. There is some interesting landscape, woodland and bog land on this walk and you can look out for the unique Whitebeam – a species of tree unique to this area.

Turn right at the bottom of our meadow and follow the bridle path. Once you reach the incline go over the stile and start up the main incline for a short distance. Turn right on the path that sits just above the field boundary. It's a higgledy pigledy sort of path and you need to concentrate on your footing. Follow this path up and refer to a map to decide on your options from here for going up and finding the several ways back down.

There are a number of options for getting up onto the side of the mountain where there is a wide level old tramway running under the cliffs. This is a great panorama walk – you can stroll along on the level just soaking up the views. There are caves up here too. The cave system is so big cavers go in for several days and camp underground.

As an alternative to going up onto the high tramway you can keep the mountainside on your left and climb more slowly, through the woodland and come out in open fields above the woods then head towards the Beaufort road, cross it above the cattle grid and head down to the stream that runs down to our neighbour Cilau Farm.

Short evening stroll:

Walk down our driveway and turn left on road. Look for public footpath on left this will lead you across fields and will bring you down to the tramway bridle path where you turn left and you'll come to the bottom of our field.

The Horseshoe Pub:

Our closest pub in Llangattock Village is about 10 minutes' walk. You can walk down our drive and down the road, or across our meadow and turn left down the lane into the village. Or follow one of the other walks into the village.
The Horseshoe is a simple, straightforward sort of pub with no pretentions. It feels more like a local than a tourist pub but the staff and customers are always welcoming and friendly. The food is mainly 'pub-grub with chips' orientated.

Cilau Farm, The Stream and Woodland Walk to Llangattock:

This takes you to a pretty woodland walk that's a roundabout way of getting to Langattock village. Be ready to leap across stones to cross a stream (or even turn back if the stream is in full flow).

Out of our drive, turn left and look for the right hand turn for Cilau Farm. Pick up the footpath from there leading you across the field, round Cilau Farm and down the valley side below the farm buildings. Once in the woodland follow the path down to the stream and find a way across. Head up the other side a short distance and pick up the path heading down the valley.

You will come out by the canal. Turn right and pass the old wharf, go over the road bridge and double back along the canal. Roughly level with where you met the canal you will find a small gate on right leading you away from the canal and down into the village.

The Canal, Giant Redwood and Walk to Llangattock:

The Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal is a few hundred yards down the road from our entrance. People visit the canal for gentle to walks, cycle rides and to photograph the boats, bridges and canal side buildings. The old wharf with its lime kilns used to take limestone from Llangattock mountain via the old tramway (now a bridle path) that run alongside our field.

To get onto the canal either go down our drive or head down our meadow and go left at bottom. Only do the latter if you are feeling agile – it involves a stone stile to get to the canal which will have you wondering where your life insurance documents are!

A local landmark is the Giant Redwood tree situated by the canal just outside the village. It's worth the walk. At ground level its about 30 paces to go around.

Head along the tow path with the water to your right-hand side. You can see the tree poking out above all the others from The Neuadd.  After visiting the tree stroll to the nexyt bridge and take the public footpath on left heading towards the valley bottom.  You will come down alongside a caravan park which you enter at the bottom and pick up the vehicle track leading back into Llangattock.

This turns into a public road that brings you out opposite the Horseshoe Pub (what a surprise!)

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